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Advisory Opinions
These advisory opinions have been issued by the Advisory Committee on Standards of Judicial Conduct. Rule 503(D), SCACR, provides the following regarding these opinions: "All opinions shall be advisory in nature only. No opinion shall bind the Commission on Judicial Conduct in any proceeding properly before that body. However, in the discretion of the Commission on Judicial Conduct, an opinion of the Committee may be considered as evidence of a good faith effort to comply with the Code of Judicial Conduct."

01-2016 Propriety of a judge and his son, an attorney, hosting a reception for all judges during the State Bar convention.

02-2016 Propriety of a Family Court judge presiding over matters involving an attorney who represents the Family Court judge’s secretary in a legal matter.

03-2016 Propriety of a part-time municipal judge serving on a state university’s Board of Trustees.

04-2016 Propriety of a retired Circuit Court judge serving on the board of a charitable foundation for underprivileged youth.

05-2016 Propriety of a magistrate court judge serving as the Executor of a will and as the agent under a Health Care Power of Attorney for a close friend that the judge considers to be family.

06-2016 Propriety of a Municipal Court Judge’s involvement in a spouse’s political campaign.

07-2016 Propriety of a Family Court Judge presiding where the judge’s spouse, an attorney, acted as a mediator for parties appearing before the judge.

08-2016 Propriety of a full-time magistrate running for a political office.

09-2016 Propriety of a Circuit Court Judge presiding over a matter in which one of the lawyers rents a building from the judge’s spouse.

10-2016 Propriety of a magistrate courts clerk running for the elected office of mayor.

11-2016 Propriety of a full-time Master-in-Equity presiding in cases in which the county is a party where the judge’ s former law partner is the in-house county attorney and the judge and the former law partner are members of a limited liability company that owns and leases an office building.

12-2016 Propriety of a full-time family court judge completing a detailed questionnaire, on behalf of a family member, for use in an annulment proceeding within the Catholic Church.

13-2016 Propriety of a full-time magistrate judge serving on the Board of Trustees for a museum.

14-2016 Propriety of a City employee serving as a part-time magistrate in the County in which the City is located.