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Advisory Opinions
These advisory opinions have been issued by the Advisory Committee on Standards of Judicial Conduct. Rule 503(D), SCACR, provides the following regarding these opinions: "All opinions shall be advisory in nature only. No opinion shall bind the Commission on Judicial Conduct in any proceeding properly before that body. However, in the discretion of the Commission on Judicial Conduct, an opinion of the Committee may be considered as evidence of a good faith effort to comply with the Code of Judicial Conduct."

12-2014 Propriety of an associate municipal judge to work part-time in the Customer Service division of the municipality.

11-2014 Propriety of a magistrate judge considering ex parte communications from the arresting agency prior to a bond hearing.

10-2014 Propriety of an appellate court judge presiding over matters in which the judge’s law clerk’s parent is counsel of record or another attorney from the parent’s agency is attorney of record.

09-2014 Propriety of a full-time Magistrate being employed as a baseball coach for a high school or an American Legion team.

08-2014 Propriety of a full-time Magistrate serving on the advisory board for a high school’s Center for Law and Global Policy Development.

07-2014 Propriety of a Circuit Court Judge’s involvement in a spouse’s political campaign.

06-2014 Propriety of a Probate Judge serving on the board of a local bank and a closely-held corporation.

05-2014 Propriety of a full-time magistrate serving as the vice-president of a college fraternity’s local alumni chapter.

04-2014 The propriety of a municipal judge’s child receiving a scholarship from a foundation whose president writes bonds in the municipal court.

03-2014 Propriety of a part-time municipal judge accepting employment as a Safety and Risk Management Coordinator with a county school district.

02-2014 Propriety of office manager for Magistrate’s Court seeking employment as treasurer of office manager’s church.

01-2014 Propriety of a part-time probate judge, who also has a private practice, to continue accepting clients under a contract with the public defender’s office.