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Court Orders - 2014
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Order No.   Topic Forms/Rules Affected
2014-01-03-01 Interest Rate on Money Decrees and Judgments
2014-01-03-02 Business Court Pilot Program Expansion Statewide
(Amended by Order 2014-08-13-02) (Superseded by Order 2014-09-17-03)
2014-01-07-01 Reconciliation and Disposition of General Sessions Cases Statewide and Appointment of Committee Members
2014-01-09-01 Amendment to Rule 402(i), SCACR
Rule 402, SCACR
2014-01-14-01 In the Matter of Charles Lee Anderson
2014-01-15-01 Amendments to the South Carolina Appellate Court Rules
2014-01-15-02 Amendments to the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure
2014-01-15-03 Amendment to the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure
2014-01-17-01 Petition for Relief Packet
2014-01-27-01 In the Matter of William Thomas Moody
2014-02-19-01 In the Matter of Robert Paul Taylor
2014-02-28-01 SCCA Form 430S Short Form Financial Declaration
2014-03-04-01 In the Matter of Frank Barnwell McMaster, Respondent
2014-03-05-01 In the Matter of Daniel Nathan Hughey
2014-03-05-02 In the Matter of John Kevin Owens
2014-03-14-01 Administrative Suspensions for Failure to Pay License Fees Required by Rule 410 of the South Carolina Appellate Court Rules (SCACR)
2014-03-31-01 SC Commission on Indigent Defense v. Charles Thomas Brooks, III
2014-04-01-01 In the Matter of Michael Frank Johnson
2014-04-10-01 Electronic Transfers from Lawyer Trust Accounts
Rule 407, RULE 1.15, SCACR
2014-04-15-01 Court Rule Amendments
Rule 244, SCACR
Rule 11, SCRCP
Rule 77, SCRCP
Rule 41.2, SCRCP
2014-04-15-02 Revised Order Concerning Personal Identifying Information and Other Sensitive Information in Appellate Court Filings
(Amends Order 2007-08-13-02)
2014-04-15-03 Confidential Reference List of Redacted Identifiers in Appellate Court Filings (Form 21)
2014-04-15-04 Confidential Reference List of Redacted Identifiers (SCRCP Form 6)
2014-04-17-01 In the Matter of Daniel Nathan Hughey
2014-04-24-01 Interagency Protocol for Defendants Found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity
2014-04-25-01 Administrative Suspensions for Failure to Comply with Continuing Legal Education Requirements
2014-05-07-01 IT IS ORDERED that the Honorable Frank R. Addy, Jr. is vested with statewide jurisdiction over enforcement of all outstanding and future orders issued by Courts of General Sessions committing defendants to the Department of Mental Health
(Supersedes Order 2003-08-14-01)
2014-05-08-01 Amendment to Rule 17, Rule 413, SCACR
Rule 413, RULE 17, SCACR
2014-05-14-01 Amendment of Rule 404 of the South Carolina Appellate Court Rules
Rule 404, SCACR
2014-05-15-01 In the Matter of Edwin Donald Givens
2014-05-15-02 Robert Hanekamp v. Atlas Technologies, Inc., TASL, Inc., David Diehl, and Brian Miller
2014-05-19-01 In the Matter of Samuel Robert Drose
2014-05-20-01 Oconee County Adult Drug Court Program
2014-05-20-02 In the Matter of Samuel Robert Drose
2014-05-21-01 Clerk of Court Manual Revision
2014-05-21-02 Confidential Reference List of Redacted Identifiers (SCRCP Form 6, 05/2014)
2014-05-23-01 In the Matter of Joenathan Shelly Chaplin
2014-05-23-02 Revised Records Retention Policy for Probate Courts
(Supersedes Order 2009-04-28-02)
2014-05-23-03 Settlement Procedure for Minors or Incapacitated Persons
2014-05-28-01 Proposed Revision to Rule 7.1 of the Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 407, SCACR
2014-05-28-02 Annual License Fee
Rule 410, SCACR
2014-05-28-03 Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection
Rule 411, SCACR
2014-05-28-04 Richland County JUVENILE Mental Health Court
2014-06-11-01 Horry Electric Cooperative, Inc. vs. South Carolina Public Service Authority and Southern Electric International, Inc.
2014-06-18-01 Chief Judges for Administrative Purposes of the Summary Courts
2014-06-19-01 Act No. 192; Magistrate Jury Areas
2014-06-24-01 Circuit Court Judges Advisory Committee
2014-06-27-01 In the Matter of Kathleen Cauthen
2014-06-30-01 In the Matter of George Randall Taylor
2014-07-02-01 In the Matter of George Hunter McMaster
2014-07-16-01 Extensions in Cases Seeking a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to Review a Decision of the South Carolina Court of Appeals
2014-07-16-02 SCCA Form 474 – Vulnerable Adult Guardian ad Litem Certificate
2014-07-18-01 Administrative Order Regarding Rule 41.2, SCRCP in Family and Probate Courts
2014-07-23-01 Adoption of Rule 426, SCACR: Provision of Legal Services Following Determination of Major Disaster
Rule 426, SCACR
Rule 407, RULE 5.5, SCACR
2014-07-23-02 Proposed Amendment to Rule 408(a)(2), SCACR
2014-07-25-01 Checklist for Magistrates and Municipal Judges
(Revokes Order 2008-08-27-02)
2014-07-29-01 Motion for Case Assignment to the Business Court Pilot Program (SCCA BC Form 101)
(Supersedes Order 2012-04-20-02)
2014-08-06-01 State v. Miller
2014-08-12-01 Amendment to SCCA 223B, Order for the Destruction of Arrest Records in the Summary Courts
2014-08-13-01 In the Matter of Eric J. Davidson
2014-08-13-02 Business Court Pilot Program Judge Assignments
(Amends Order 2014-01-03-02)
2014-08-21-01 In the Matter of Donna Seegars Givens
2014-08-22-01 Wofford v. City of Spartanburg
2014-08-27-01 Family Court Benchmark
(Supersedes Order 2006-05-09-01)
2014-09-05-01 In the Matter of Robert G. Howe
2014-09-11-01 Keeter v. Alpine Towers International
2014-09-17-01 Amendments to Rule 407, South Carolina Appellate Court Rules
Rule 407, RULE 1.6, SCACR
Rule 407, RULE 1.17, SCACR
2014-09-17-02 Fifth Judicial Circuit DUI Treatment Court
2014-09-17-03 Business Court Pilot Program
(Supersedes Order 2014-01-03-02)
2014-09-23-01 Columbia Homeless Court Program
2014-09-23-02 In the Matter of William Isaac Diggs
2014-09-25-01 In the Matter of Justin John Trapp
2014-09-29-01 Amendments to Appendix A, Part IV, SCACR, Rules of the Board of Law Examiners
2014-09-30-01 In the Matter of Amy Landers May
2014-10-02-01 In the Matter of John A. Jackson
2014-10-03-01 Vicki Wilkinson v. East Cooper Community Hospital
2014-10-06-01 Family Court Judges Advisory Committee Membership
(Supersedes Order 2011-11-01-01) (Supersedes Order 2010-01-20-01)
2014-10-09-01 The State of South Carolina ex rel Alan Wilson, Attorney General, Petitioner v. Irvin G. Condon, in his capacity as Judge of Probate Charleston County, Respondent
2014-10-15-01 Amendment to the South Carolina Bar Constitution