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Court Orders - 2015
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Order No.   Topic Forms/Rules Affected
2015-01-02-01 Interest Rate on Money Decrees and Judgments
2015-01-06-01 Probate Court Judges Advisory Committee
2015-01-08-01 Sixth Circuit Juvenile Drug Court Program –Lancaster County
2015-01-26-01 Twelfth Circuit Juvenile Drug Court Program
2015-01-28-01 Hall v. State of South Carolina
2015-01-29-01 In the Matter of Stephen Francis Krzyston
2015-01-29-02 Proposed Amendment to the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure
2015-01-29-03 Proposed Amendments to South Carolina Rules of Magistrates Court
2015-01-29-04 Proposed Amendments to the South Carolina Court-Annexed Alternative Dispute Resolution Rules
2015-02-09-01 Skywaves I Corporation v. Branch Banking and Trust Company
2015-02-11-01 Amendment to 413, South Carolina Appellate Court Rules
Rule 413, RULE 34, SCACR
2015-02-11-02 In the Matter of Dannitte Mays Dickey
2015-02-11-03 Amendment to Rule 2(r) of the Rules for Judicial Disciplinary Enforcement, Rule 502, SCACR
Rule 502, RULE 2, SCACR
2015-02-25-01 Magistrate Eligibility Examination
(Revokes Order 2002-10-09-01)
2015-02-26-01 In the Matter of Fred W. Auman