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Administrative Orders - 2015
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Order No.   Topic Forms/Rules Affected
2015-01-02-01 Interest Rate on Money Decrees and Judgments
2015-01-06-01 Probate Court Judges Advisory Committee
2015-01-08-01 Sixth Circuit Juvenile Drug Court Program –Lancaster County
2015-01-26-01 Twelfth Circuit Juvenile Drug Court Program
2015-01-29-02 Proposed Amendment to the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure
2015-01-29-03 Proposed Amendments to South Carolina Rules of Magistrates Court
2015-01-29-04 Proposed Amendments to the South Carolina Court-Annexed Alternative Dispute Resolution Rules
2015-02-25-01 Magistrate Eligibility Examination
(Revokes Order 2002-10-09-01)
2015-03-04-02 Administrative Suspensions for Failure to Pay License Fees Required by Rule 410 of the South Carolina Appellate Court Rules (SCACR)
2015-03-17-01 Designation of Associate Chief Magistrate in Williamsburg County
2015-03-26-01 Designation of Interim Chief Magistrate in Chester County
2015-04-14-01 Oconee County Juvenile Drug Court Program
2015-04-14-02 State v. Slager
2015-05-01-01 Revised Subpoena Forms (SCCA 254 and SCCA 254F)
2015-05-01-02 Request to Appoint Mediator and Family Court Notice of ADR Forms
2015-05-20-01 Closing of Clerk of Court's Office and Other Offices in the Kershaw County Courthouse
2015-06-03-02 Transcript of Judgment Form (SCCA Form 250)
2015-06-04-01 Civil Action Coversheet and Family Court Coversheet
(Supersedes Order 2014-10-24-01) (Supersedes Order 2010-06-29-01)
2015-06-18-01 The State v. Dylann S. Roof
2015-06-22-01 Designation of Interim Chief Magistrate in Newberry County
2015-06-24-01 Interim Appointment of Chief Magistrate and Associate Chief Magistrate in Charleston County
2015-06-24-02 Chief Judges for Administrative Purposes of the Summary Courts
2015-06-26-01 Approval of Permanent Restraining Order and Emergency Restraining Order Forms
2015-07-01-01 Chesterfield County Adult Drug Court Program
2015-07-31-01 Revised/Created Uniform Expungement Forms
(Rescinds Order 2014-08-12-01) (Rescinds Order 2013-07-25-01) (Rescinds Order 2009-07-08-01) (Rescinds Order 2009-07-20-02)
2015-08-05-01 Horry County Mental Health Court
2015-08-13-01 Richland County Interim Master-in-Equity Appointment
(Rescinded by Order 2015-08-19-01)
2015-08-19-01 Richland County Interim Master-in-Equity Appointment Rescinded
(Rescinds Order 2015-08-13-01)
2015-08-19-02 Pilot Model Post-Conviction Relief Docket Management
2015-08-31-01 Order to Attend Hearings and Representation by the 10th Judicial Circuit Public Defender Office
2015-09-02-01 Videoconferencing Approval in General Sessions Courts for the Sixth Judicial Circuit
2015-09-09-01 Amendments to Verified Application for Admission Pro Hac Vice
Rule 404
2015-09-10-01 Civil Motions Pilot Program
2015-10-05-01 Cancellation of State Courts Tuesday October 6, 2015
2015-10-06-01 Cancellation of Circuit and Family Court Terms of Court Oct. 7 – 10, 2015
2015-10-07-01 Video Hearings Pilot Program in Richland County Probate Court
2015-10-28-02 South Carolina Electronic Filing Policies and Guidelines; Pilot Version-Common Pleas
2015-10-30-01 E-Filing Forms; Data Entry Standards for Lawyers
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SCCA 295
SCCA 296
SCCA 297