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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - May 2015

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

5-4-2015 - Opinions

2015-UP-246 - SCDSS v. Wooten

5-6-2015 - Opinions

2015-UP-197 - Green v. SCDPPPS

2015-UP-219 - In the Interest of Johnny A.

2015-UP-220 - State v. Singleton

2015-UP-221 - Parker v. State

2015-UP-222 - State v. Bright

2015-UP-223 - Martin v. Rife

2015-UP-224 - Sheetal, LLC v. Beaufort Jasper Water and Sewer Authority

2015-UP-226 - In the Interest of Bradley M.

2015-UP-227 - State v. Green

2015-UP-228 - State v. Haynes

2015-UP-229 - State v. Godbolt

2015-UP-230 - State v. Walker

2015-UP-231 - Stokes v. SCDEW

2015-UP-232 - State v. Hall

2015-UP-233 - Walters Construction v. Sledziona

2015-UP-234 - State v. Emmons

2015-UP-235 - Lisenby v. SCDC

2015-UP-236 - Wilson v. Williams

2015-UP-237 - State v. Cromer

2015-UP-238 - State v. Higgins

2015-UP-239 - State v. Singleton

2015-UP-240 - Lisenby v. SCDC

2015-UP-241 - Watford v. SCDC

2015-UP-242 - Dawkins v. Watts

2015-UP-243 - Walton v. Bagwell

2015-UP-244 - DiCapua v. SCDPPPS

5-8-2015 - Opinions

2015-UP-217 - State v. Perez

2015-UP-255 - SCDSS v. Tucker

5-13-2015 - Opinions

2015-UP-247 - State v. Peters

2015-UP-248 - SC Electric & Gas v. Anson Construction

2015-UP-249 - Crotty v. Windjammer Village

2015-UP-250 - L&M v. Yearick

2015-UP-251 - State v. Glover

2015-UP-252 - In the Matter of Andrew Goodwin

2015-UP-253 - Bank of America v. Cook

2015-UP-254 - Palmetto State Enterprises v. Greene

5-20-2015 - Opinions

2015-UP-256 - State v. Kennedy

2015-UP-257 - Sinclair v. Bridges

2015-UP-258 - Kelley v. The Kroger Company

2015-UP-259 - Abrams v. City of Newberry

2015-UP-260 - State v. Wirtz

2015-UP-261 - State v. Raiden

2015-UP-262 - State v. Arroyo

2015-UP-263 - Howell v. Howell

2015-UP-264 - State v. Davis

5-21-2015 - Opinions

2015-UP-265 - Pless v. Hendricks