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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - April 2015

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

4-1-2015 - Opinions

2015-UP-167 - Griffis v. Cherry Hill Estates

2015-UP-168 - State v. Turner

2015-UP-169 - Hollander v. The Irrevocable Trust Established by James Brown

2015-UP-170 - State v. Knight

2015-UP-173 - State v. Taylor

2015-UP-174 - Adams v. State

2015-UP-175 - Burgess v. Burgess

2015-UP-176 - Dean v. State

4-2-2015 - Opinions

2015-UP-180 - Harris v. McKinney

4-6-2015 - Opinions

2015-UP-195 - SCDSS v. Still

4-8-2015 - Opinions

2015-UP-178 - State v. Baker

2015-UP-179 - State v. Mays

2015-UP-181 - State v. Smith

2015-UP-182 - State v. Holman

2015-UP-183 - In the Interest of Zachary R. v. State

2015-UP-184 - Ashley River Properties v. Lunar Systems

2015-UP-185 - State v. Cades

2015-UP-186 - Yslas v. Yslas

2015-UP-187 - State v. Livingston

2015-UP-188 - State v. Laws

2015-UP-189 - V.E. Amick & Associates v. Cooper

2015-UP-190 - State v. Wherry

2015-UP-191 - Rice v. State

2015-UP-192 - State v. Johnson

2015-UP-193 - State v. Andes

2015-UP-194 - Creel v. Creel

4-15-2015 - Opinions

2015-UP-196 - Hart v. Owen Steel Company

2015-UP-198 - JP Morgan Chase Bank NA v. Irby

2015-UP-199 - Smith v. Marion Builders Group

2015-UP-200 - State v. Bishop

2015-UP-201 - Trexler v. The Associated Press

2015-UP-202 - Barth v. Coleman

2015-UP-203 - Callawassie Island f. Applegate

2015-UP-204 - Spigner v. SCDPPPS

2015-UP-205 - Tri-County Development v. Pierce

2015-UP-206 - SCDSS v. Moody

4-20-2015 - Opinions

2015-UP-214 - SCDSS v. Henson