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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - July 2014

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

7-9-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-280 - Holmes v. Holmes

2014-UP-281 - Mayers v. OSI Group

2014-UP-282 - State v. Anderson

2014-UP-283 - Dingle v. Federal Mogul Corporation

2014-UP-284 - Musick v. Dicks

7-11-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-287 - Saunders v. Palomares

7-16-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-285 - State v. Chaplin

2014-UP-286 - Cooper v. State

2014-UP-288 - Ramey v. Unihealth Post Acute Care

2014-UP-289 - State v. Bates

2014-UP-290 - State v. Davis

2014-UP-291 - State v. McEntire

2014-UP-292 - Roberts v. Drew

2014-UP-293 - Shaw Funding v. Multifamily Products

2014-UP-294 - State v. Smith

7-23-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-295 - State v. Duncan

2014-UP-296 - Gilliard v. City of Greenville

2014-UP-297 - Harden v. State

2014-UP-298 - Hearn v. Laurens County Assessor

7-25-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-302 - SCDSS v. Kinslow

7-30-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-299 - Smith v. The Heirs at Law of Benjamin Days

2014-UP-300 - State v. Reese

2014-UP-301 - Mitchell v. State

2014-UP-303 - SCDSS v. Brown

2014-UP-304 - State v. Allen

2014-UP-305 - Tobacco Merchant v. City of Columbia Zoning

2014-UP-306 - Yadkin Valley v. Oaktree Homes

2014-UP-307 - Brown v. Brown