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Court of Appeals Published Opinions - Week of 07/21/2014
7-23-2014 - Opinions

5248 - Mack v. Lott
The Richland County Sheriff's Department arrested Demetrius Mack, a licensed private security officer, for simple assault after Mack chased, apprehended, and handcuffed McKenzie Williamson for trespassing at the business where Mack was working. Mack brought suit for false imprisonment against Leon Lott, in his official capacity as Sheriff of Richland County. After a bench trial, the court awarded Mack $7,500 in actual damages, finding the Sheriff lacked probable cause to arrest Mack. We remand for more detailed factual findings as required under Rule 52(a) of the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure.
5249 - State v. Williams
Michael D. Williams was convicted of two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct (CSC) with a minor and five counts of committing a lewd act upon a child. The trial court sentenced him concurrently to twenty-five years' imprisonment for CSC and fifteen years' imprisonment for lewd act upon a child. Williams appeals his convictions and sentence, arguing the trial court erred in excluding evidence the stepbrother of one of the victims sexually abused her. We affirm.
5250 - Precision Walls v. Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance
In this declaratory judgment action seeking a determination of coverage under an insurance policy, Precision Walls, Inc. (Precision) appeals the trial court's order, which found no coverage and granted judgment in favor of Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co. (Liberty Mutual). Precision argues the court erred in: (1) failing to find "property damage" under the policy; (2) failing to find an "occurrence" under the policy; (3) broadly construing one of the policy's exclusions to defeat coverage; and (4) narrowly construing the policy against coverage. We affirm.