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Supreme Court Published Opinions - Week of 02/23/2015
2-25-2015 - Opinions

27498 - State v. Samuel
The Court vacates the court of appeals' decision reversing the trial court's suppression of a statement made in connection with a polygraph examination because the trial court's pre-trial order was not immediately appealable.
27499 - Independence National Bank v. Buncombe Professional Park
The Court reversed the decision of the Court of Appeals, finding that the petitioner Bank established its right to equitable subrogation.
27500 - In the Matter of Edwin Donald Givens
This is a disciplinary opinion in which the Court suspends a lawyer from the practice of law.
27501 - In the Matter of Toni Lee Tack Pennington
This is a disciplinary opinion in which the Court publicly reprimands a lawyer.
27502 - State v. Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals
In this direct appeal, the Court affirms in part, reverses in part, and remands.
27503 - In the Matter of Mark Andrew Brunty
The Court disbarred respondent, imposed conditions on his readmission, and ordered him to pay restitution.