RULE 232

(a) Agreements.  No agreement between the parties or their attorneys, in respect to a proceeding before an appellate court shall be considered unless it has been reduced to writing and signed by the parties or their attorneys.  After consideration, an appellate court shall either accept or reject the proposed agreement.  Should the parties seek approval of a settlement agreement, the procedure set forth in Rule 41.1, SCRCP, shall be followed.

(b) Vacation of Prior Opinions, Orders or Judgments.  As part of their agreement, parties may request vacation of previously rendered opinions, orders, and judgments.  However, an appellate court retains the authority to deny any request for vacation.  If an agreement which includes a request for vacation is rejected, the parties are free, if they so choose, to resubmit their agreement absent the request for vacation.

Note to 2003 Amendment

This amendment added the final sentence to section (a) to provide  that agreements regarding sealing settlements will be handled according to Rule 41.1, SCRCP.