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SCJD Harvest Hope Food Drive

SCJD Harvest Hope Food Drive

Photo of staff members waiting for the winner to be announcedThe S.C. Judicial Department proved today that there is enough to share!  Supreme Court Justices, Court of Appeals Judges, and SCJD Staff dug deep into their wallets and pantries to help feed the hungry and support their favorite team.   The real competition will be determined tomorrow on the field in Clemson's Death Valley, but you would never have known it today! 

Employees arrived early to unload bags of canned goods and other food items.  Competition was fierce as the food was weighed and boxed.  At 2:00 p.m. Chief Justice Toal held a special news conference to announce the winning team. 

Carolina won with their fans contributing 9,731 pounds in goods and donations.  Clemson fans raised a total of 7,741 pounds.  The grand total was 17,472 pounds!

As part of the celebration, Justice Toal, the Gamecock team leader, and Dan Shearouse, the Clemson team leader, agreed to model the other teams colors if their team lost.  Today Dan tried on the Garnet and Black, but here and there in the crowd of staff members could be heard those words so often associated with the Clemson-Carolina rivalry - "WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR!"

Photo of food collected for Carolina
Carolina Contributions
Photo of food collected for Clemson
Clemson Contributions
Photo of Karen Palmer weighing food
Karen Palmer weighs in food brought by IT
staff members.
Photo of Justice Toal & Dan Shearouse
Dan Shearouse and Justice Toal waiting
on the final numbers. 
Photo of Dan Shearouse, Justice Toal & Shirley Montieth
Justice Toal reads the official weights for each 
team as Shirley Montieth, the Chairperson for the 
Food Drive, looks on.
Photo of Dan Shearouse & Justice Toal
Justice Toal shows Dan his new shirt.
Photo of Dan Shearouse putting on Carolina Gamecock shirt
Dan changes into Gamecock apparel.
Photo of Justice Toal & Dan Shearouse wearing Carolina Gamecock shirt
Gamecock for an afternoon.