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Statewide Court Case Management System Goes Live in Greenville County

Today, the technology efforts of the South Carolina Judicial Department have achieved another great success with the go live implementation of the statewide court case management system in Greenville County. The court case management system collects and manages the case information that is the basis for all of the court operations. This system has been in development for two years and has had involvement and commitment from Judges, Clerks of Court, and criminal justice agencies throughout the state.

Greenville County was selected as the first of three pilot counties due to the county's leadership and ability of Greenville County to serve as testers on behalf of the courts across the state. The goal is for this system to serve all 46 counties in South Carolina.

Chief Justice Toal said, "This application for Circuit and Summary Courts is live today as the result of extensive collaboration among Greenville County, Judicial Department, court personnel, and information technology professionals. With the deployment of this system, court operations are now changed forever because they are inherently relying upon technology. This system will provide consistency within the court operations and finally enable court information to be electronically available across numerous court jurisdictions."

In Greenville County, this new court case management system has combined twenty-four separate court databases into one single integrated court database. In addition, this system is eliminating redundant data entry by capturing information once and then making it readily available to other users of the system. Data will be electronically exchanged with the Solicitor and Sheriff's Offices, and shared between the Circuit and Summary Courts. Also, laser printers will be used throughout the courtrooms and Clerk of Court offices to generate hardcopies of judicial papers as required. This feature will further the costs savings achieved by using this system because the use of multi-part, preprinted forms by the county courts will cease.

This new system will have a public index that will provide case status and case history information. This public index is available now at the courthouse. In the near future, it will be accessible through the county website ( over the Internet. Therefore, the public, attorneys, and landlords will have access to court case information without having to visit or call the county courthouse.

Greenville County Clerk of Court Paul Wickensimer, Chief Magistrate Diane Cagle, and Information Technology Director Dale Rice and their staffs have been involved with this project since its inception. These local officials commended the collaboration and commitment of the Judicial Department with the county.

Paul Wickensimer summarized the effort, "This new system enables data to be entered into the judicial system once and shared among many users instead of entering the same data nearly a dozen times as it had to be done in the past. This new system will also improve the court's ability to share information with other agencies and better utilize the precious human resources of the county and state courts." Chief Administrative Circuit Judge John Few added, "Public safety is being improved and the whole judicial process is being streamlined by using technology as a catalyst and resource." Chief Magistrate Cagle put it into context, "Having the court history of progressive check violators available to the Magistrates in the courtroom should increase the ability of the courts to properly enforce the repeat offender laws."

This statewide court case management system is one of the five fundamental technology initiatives upon which the Judicial Department is currently working. The other four are reliable, high-speed, Internet connectivity for all judicial facilities in the 46 counties across the state, the web portal (, call center, and imaging. Pickens and Richland counties will be the next counties to implement this new statewide court case management system.

"Technology in the South Carolina courtroom is as much a fixture as the American Flag," said Chief Justice Toal as she concluded her remarks. Greenville County continues to embrace technology and now is using it to improve the court system while also serving as a model for the other counties in the state.