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Circuit Court Judge James Lockemy Returns from Active Duty in Kosovo
Circuit Court Judge James Lockemy Returns from Active Duty in Kosovo

In April of 2003, Circuit Court Judge James Lockemy was called to active duty to serve as the Command Judge Advocate and lead the JAG office of the 28th Infantry Division contingent that was ordered to go to war-ravaged Kosovo in the Balkans as part of the NATO and UN peace-keeping mission.  On Sunday, Judge Lockemy will return home to his family and his judicial responsibilities here in South Carolina. 

Photo of Judge Alili, Judge Lockemy and Judge JovanicJudge Lockemy has reason to be proud of his service in Kosovo.  Looking for a positive way to bring Kosovo toward a just society, Judge Lockemy started a new group to encourage those who work and live within the law to help educate those who would use violence in their attempt to reach their goals.  On January 21, judges of both ethnic groups were brought together for a dinner and a discussion of the universal principles of the Rule of Law. 

Judge Lockemy wrote "they amazingly found that many concerns were felt by both groups and that applying the Law is very similar regardless of what ethnic group applies it".  While there, Lockemy met two judges who have gone through life-threatening experiences over the last 30 years to remain friends.  One judge is Albanian and the other is Serbian.  While the races of each frequently kill the other, these two gentlemen try to apply the Rules of Law in their court equally to all.  The photo on this page shows Judge Lockemy with Judge Alili and Judge Jovanic. 

Judge Lockemy was able to bring the story of these two judges to a television show.  A billboard is planned throughout Kosovo showing this picture which represents Law of all races and all peoples.  The hope is to encourage tolerance and a lawful society within this war-torn country.

After months of serving his country in uniform, Judge Lockemy will return to McEntire Air Guard base on Sunday, February 29, with about 70 other South Carolinians.  He will hold court in Dillon the very next day.